Turcology (M.A.)

The most important facts at a glance:


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Language of instruction:

Standard period of studies:

4 Semester

Winter and summer semester

Admission restrictions:

Open admission


directly at JGU: application procedure

Applicants with foreign certificates:

You may find information on the application procedure for international students here.


Winter semester: April 1 - September 1
Summer semester: October 1 - March 1

Required Bachelor's degree:

Turkologie (B.A.)


Institut für Slavistik, Turkologie und zirkumbaltische Studien


Faculty 05 - Philosophy and Philology


The accreditation of study programmes for Bachelor and Master Degrees constitutes as a precondition for the granting of state approval.

Subject Matter

The MA Turcology programme at JGU offers an advanced curriculum in general and comparative Turcology, including linguistics, philology and literary studies. The programme is set for a standard duration of four semesters, comprising in total seven modules and 120 ETCS credits.

Right from the start it encompasses a complementary combination of the acquisition of advanced theoretical knowledge with the training of the corresponding applied methodological competences.

Program structure

Accordingly each of the three consecutive linguistics modules consists in the acquisition of structural knowledge in a Turkic language (or alternatively a Mongolic or Tungusic language, depending on the concrete course schedule), a seminar on linguistic theory and methodology (which, depending on the topic, can encompass various subdisciplines like e. g. typology, dialectology and language contact, historical linguistics, grammaticalization, etc.) and a research-oriented seminar where specific working techniques in domains like field work, transcription, corpus linguistics or quantitative methods can be trained in individual or group projects.

The modules on Turkic Literature and Culture are composed of a lecture that conveys the theoretical contents and an accompanying seminar where selected topics can be examined and discussed in detail.

There is also an elective module, which offers the possibility to put emphasis on a specific Turcological focus or to strengthen methodological, theoretical or practical skills. The final module is mainly devoted to the preparation and development of the master thesis.

During the study period it is possible to spend one term of the curriculum at partner university abroad. Master graduates with an adequate average degree have the possibility to subsequently enter a consecutive PhD programme.

Master entrance requirements

  • BA diploma in Turcology/Turkic Studies, or any BA with a Turcological focus of at least 36 ECTS credits (or equivalent), or a BA in Linguistics, Literary Studies or History with a BA thesis on a Turcological topic.
  • good active and passive proficiency in Turkish or another Turkic language corresponding to at least B2 according to CEFR.
  • good active and passive proficiency in English.
  • knowledge of German is not required in advance, but students without sufficient proficiency in this regard are obliged to take at least two German language courses as electives.