Mainz is an appealing city to live, work and study in. That means that there is a great demand for rooms in apartments, personal rental apartments, and spots in student residence halls, particularly at the start of the semester.

Our tip: Start looking for an accommodation early!

  • Student residence halls
    Affordable living with perfect connections to the university – student residence halls are very popular among our student body. You need an enrollment certificate to move in, but you can apply for a coveted spot in a student residence hall half a year or even an entire year in advance. 
  • (Free) housing exchanges
    There are many online housing exchange platforms that make it easier to find vacant rooms or apartments. Some of these platforms are designed specifically for students.
  • Campus notice boards
    Many housing vacancies are also posted on notice boards around campus, including
    • at the central canteen (Zentralmensa)
    • in the Philosophicum (Jakob-Welder-Weg 18)
    • in the ReWi-Haus (Jakob Welder-Weg 9),
  • Newspaper advertisements
    Many people in Mainz advertise vacant rooms or apartments in newspapers. One such newspaper is the Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, which is published Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can also advertise that you are looking for a room or apartment.

At JGU, your first degree is tuition-free. Nevertheless, you will be faced with certain costs during your studies, including semester fees, work materials and books, rent and living expenses. Here you can find out what costs you will incur and which financing options and funding opportunities you can take advantage of.

Want to use local public transportation in and around Mainz at no extra cost?
The digital regional transit ticket – more commonly known as the semester ticket – makes it possible!
As a JGU student, you will receive it after enrolling via the “JGU-Ausweise” app, where all your university IDs are stored.

In conjunction with an identity card or foreign passport, the semester ticket allows you to take local public transportation for the entire semester.
This includes city buses and trams within Mainz and Wiesbaden (MVG)
as well as trains, trams, and buses in the Rhine-Main transport association (RMV), the Rhein-Nahe local transport association (RNN), and the trains running between Bacharach and Koblenz Central Station. You can also purchase a supplementary ticket for the neighboring Rhine-Neckar transport association (VRN).

You can find more information on our webpage on the digital semester ticket.

Recharge your batteries between lectures by pursuing your personal interests, practicing your hobbies, getting involved in important issues, and learning something new! Enrollment at JGU offers more than just studying for your degree.

Read on for an overview of opportunities.